What is Yatsugatake Club?

Our family, 4 of us came to Yatsugatake in 1976, then founded Yatsugatake Club in 1989. My parents started because they wanted to introduce the excellence of their mixed forest not only to their family or friends but also to everyone. It was completely different from celebrity shop which was trendy at that time.


My mom went to a technical school for coffee shop, and then she created ‘Fruit Tea’ which cannot be imitated by anyone. Also she opened the gallery in order to introduce her favorite artists.

My dad has planted many types of broad leaf trees, made outdoor fire place, also made many paths by railroad sleepers. Then our mixed forest garden has been made and maintained by him. My elder brother communicated with many people how plants are great and interesting such as group planting, succulent or plant roof via his sentences, pictures and media like TV.


Nowadays, here in Yatsugatake club, our staffs who came from all over Japan is succeeding their wills.

They show their own talents, for example, bird watching, planting, cooking, coffee & tea, art and designing and invite our guests. So highly appreciated if you can spend long time here to experience our mixed forest, restaurant, gallery, stage and courtyard. Welcome to Yatsugatake Club!

店長 柳生宗助

president, Sosuke Yagyu

Restaurant……Drink and Food

View of our mixed forest by various woods and wild grasses is the best recommendation at our restaurant. By looking at the beautiful garden changed by season, just be relaxed and enjoy teatime and food! Special recommendation is “Fruits Tea”. You will find that the taste is changing as time goes by on the pot warmer. And this is our pride since our foundation in 1989.

Gallery…….Woodworks, Glassware, Potteries, Toys and etc.

We sell various handmade arts from pretty small craft to big furniture. Hope you can take time to have a look these art works made by many artists who we respect. Also we sell “CIN” skincare series which we have been receiving good feedbacks for gentle skin.

Stage……Art exhibition and Special exhibition

The building is located in the center of the forest in order to show new products by artists hence we call it “stage” as special moment for these artists. In the ‘stage’ the artists look shiny to show their arts. We have annual calendar for many type of exhibition. Please don’t miss it.

Courtyard…….Wild glasses or flowers, gardening goods, pots and etc.

“Cool goods” by looking is of course best in class goods if you use it. We have selected these ones. Our courtyard place is always popular as it is enjoyable and funny. You can find something interesting! If you want some wild grass and flower or tree, go to ‘Katsura square’

Mixed forest

Yagyu family and his company have made the mixed forest. Almost trees were planted by them. For example, euonymus oxyphylla, pepperbush, lindera obtusiloba, various maples and white birch which can be treated as leading role. These were growing wild originally in Yatsugatake. Let us guide the features of our mixed forest garden.
The mixed forest at Yastugatake club is the one maintained by human hands. Human hands means Mr Yagyu, we call him Papa-san. Every year, he prunes these trees to every corner. We do have high trees, middle trees, low trees and wild grasses. By his pruning, all of them can receive sunshine filtering through foliage.
Another feature of this mixed forest is that we have paths. There are railroad sleepers so as you can walk over by normal shoes and with casual fashion.
When you walk through there with watching landscape carefully, you realize you are surrounded by many trees. You may feel yourself becomes green when you came here in fresh green season. In summer it becomes gentle and calm forest. When it rains, color of trunk becomes deep and shiny and well contrasted with green leaves. In early summer, hydrangea flower performs with faint sweet scent. In autumn, many type of leaves change their colors into yellow, orange, red and salmon pink, you will see them overhead as well as on your ground. In winter, the forest becomes refreshed with cold air and without leaves and you can see lots of flying wild birds. On the paths, kids can run, you can walk with your partner, also you can walk alone. Just take as your garden in Yatsugatke!